Project information

Southeastern PA Cold War Historical Society : Website Design

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Cold War Historical Society trusted us with a full redesign of their existing website. The existing site was designed by a friend of the organization when it was started and worked functionally for a long time while they didn't have the budget to build a more develop a more elaborate website.

The project started as a simple website update taking the existing content and copy and creating a new mobile-friendly and responsive single page web design. From the beginning, we planned to include a donate button powered by Stripe with a discounted rate for non-profits.

Overall, the goal was to make the new website a hub for events and information surrounding the SE PA Cold War Historical Society, outlining their initiatives and projects in detail.

About one week into the build, the client came up with some great ideas to include a photo archive of old photos she had from the Naval Air Development Center. We built in a commenting feature so veterans could leave notes about their memories and give first-hand accounts of the images. These memories and accounts are now preserved in a database for many more generations to come!

Like most non-profits, monthly expenses were a concern, we worked together to build a simple CMS (Content Management System) backend where the client could change and update descriptions on different pages, add new events, update the photo archive, and approve new photo comments/tags.

The project took about a week longer than expected with the design changes but it was worth it because the final product came out great!